Post Surgical Therapy


What is pre and post-surgery conditions?

Physiotherapy is essential in both pre- and post-surgical conditions. In the pre-surgical phase, we focus on strengthening and preparing patients through exercises, pain management, and education about the upcoming procedure. Post-surgery, rehabilitation is the key focus, with physiotherapy addressing pain, swelling, scar tissue, and promoting joint mobility through tailored exercises and functional training.

Pre and Post Surgical Conditions

Why is Physiotherapy important after Surgery?

Normally the surgery involves procedures on the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to address conditions such as fractures, joint replacements, arthroscopy for joint issues, spinal surgery for conditions like herniated discs, trauma-related injuries, soft tissue repairs, arthritis interventions, bone tumor removal, limb lengthening, and hand/foot surgeries. The surgeries aim to correct deformities, alleviate pain, improve function, and address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues.
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Pre and Post Surgical Conditions

Benefits of Pre and Post Surgical Therapy

Enhanced Surgical Outcomes:

Enhanced Surgical Outcomes:

  • Pre-surgical preparation helps optimize patient health, potentially reducing complications during and after surgery.
  • Post-surgical care aids in a smoother recovery process, minimizing the risk of postoperative complications.

Faster Recovery:

Faster Recovery:

  • Pre-operative conditioning, including physical and mental preparation, can contribute to a faster and more comfortable recovery period.
  • Post-operative care focuses on pain management, wound healing, and rehabilitation, promoting a quicker return to normal activities.

Reduced Complications:

  • Comprehensive monitoring and support before and after surgery can lead to a decrease in potential complications.
  • Early identification and management of issues contribute to a more successful and complication-free surgical experience

Patient Education:

  • Patients are educated on pre-surgical instructions, post-surgical care, and signs of potential complications, empowering them to actively participate in their recovery.
  • Knowing what to expect before and after surgery helps reduce anxiety and improves overall patient experience.

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Pre and Post Surgical Conditions

Treatment Methods

Laser Therapy


Manual Therapy

Hot and Cold Therapy

Exercise Therapy


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    Pre and Post Surgical Conditions

    Type of Conditions

    The common condition that require spine and core rehabilitation programme are:

    Disc Herniation



    Mechanical low back pain


    Facet Pain